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401k Fiduciary Governance: An Advisor's Guide401(k) Fiduciary Governance: An Advisor’s Guide is the definitive resource on plan governance for retirement plan advisors and fiduciaries. It teaches an objective vision of fiduciary duty grounded in law, regulations, and best practices tempered by a dose of practicality.

The inspiration for the Guide came to author Pete Swisher in the 1990s when he began studying retirement plans and was frustrated by the lack of available resources. Acquiring expertise at that time was an arduous and uncertain process, requiring the systematic exploration of an enormous body of statutes, regulations, case law, and other guidance simply to determine what must be studied.

Over the years he built a library of information he calls the “Canon” of the elite fiduciary advisor, consisting of all the formal and informal guidance a prudent fiduciary is expected to understand and apply. Think of the Canon as the list of what must be studied. Study of the Canon led to the creation of retirement plan governance checklists, and ultimately to the comprehensive fiduciary governance process Pete uses to manage his largest clients’ retirement plans. The Guide distills his experience governing plans of all sizes and the Canon of the elite advisor into a single volume. The Guide by itself cannot turn a novice into an expert, but achieving real expertise is not possible without mastery of the material in the Guide.

401(k) Fiduciary Governance: An Advisor’s Guide is the primary text for the Plan Financial Consultant 2 curriculum (PFC-2), the final course in the Qualified Plan Financial Consultant course of study offered through the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA), the premier education and advocacy organization for the private pension system.

The first edition of the Guide was published in 2007. The second edition was published in 2009. The third edition became available in early 2012 and is the current edition of the Guide.

Where to Buy the Guide

You may purchase a copy of the Guide from the bookstore at just type “swisher” in the Author search box. There is a discount for ASPPA members. The Guide is also available on Amazon, but without the ASPPA member discount.

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